A prestigious new hotel complex designed for the Gadani Family, a truly modern architectural project of outstanding artistic merit.
s soon as you enter, you’ll be fascinated by the excellent welcome offered and the perfect blend of post-modern design, in a style that masterfully combines the past, present and future.
And our name? We’ve taken the liberty of ignoring the rules of grammar, using “Hotel Persic.o’s” instead of “Persic.o’s Hotel”. Our hotel is the hotel of Persiceto. The logo shows the two stylized gates of our town, with inside them a peach tree, the famous symbol of San Giovanni in Persiceto.

H.G. S.r.l.
Via. C. Colombo, 13 - 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna - tel: 051 6811611 - fax: 051 6811697 - email: info@hotelpersicos.it
REA BO 62773 | Cap. Soc. i.v. € 98.120,00 | P.Iva 00814401204
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